Recommended Skin Care Products at Alta Vita Spa

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Alta Vita Spa prides itself on providing customers with the finest beauty products available. Founded on principles to help our guests achieve the ultimate in health and beauty, our spa in Panama City blends therapeutic, rejuvenating treatments with only the finest skin care products.

As part of this commitment to excellence, we use one of the most effective, restorative beauty lines in the world - HydroPeptide. This prestigious beauty line was founded on solid scientific principles and continues to improve every product annually. The benefits of using this wellness-centered line are numerous, with over 70+ years of experience and research dedicated to protecting and beautifying the body.

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A popular choice at our spa in Panama City is Power Lift: Anti-Wrinkle Ultra Rich Concentrate. This potent but comforting hydrating treatment quenches the skin, relieving dry complexion of itchiness, puffiness and irritation. Balanced perfectly, the mix of 21 hydrating natural elements and pure echinacea combine to create skin cream ideal for night or day use.

For guests looking to receive an instant perk and visibly reduce the effects of aging, we recommend Serum: Anti-Wrinkle Cellular Transformation. This luscious mixture softens expression lines, slows the body's aging process and enhances the skin to give you a flawless complexion. This easy-to-apply mixture promotes a youthful appearance and leaves your skin refreshed and cleansed.

spas in panama city therapies star fruit

All natural ingredients to inspire beauty.

Some guests look to enhance their beauty routines with a touch of glamor. For those looking to create a radiantly positive impression, the award-winning HydroPeptide Lash is perfect. Ideal for enhancing lashes and brows, this natural, skin-friendly product strengthens and fills out lashes. With biotin and folic acid added, this healthy mixture prevents breakage and brittleness - maximizing your glamorous appearance and minimizing dryness and damage. With regular use, you can unlock the true potential of this incredible eye-lash enhancer.

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For more information on the best natural, wellness-inspired beauty products, visit us online at or on Facebook at We are happy to make personalized recommendations for each of our guests, with our experienced, warm staff able to assist you with any therapeutic questions. We have an excellent range of beauty products available for purchase in our luxury spa, so visit us today to begin your beauty journey.

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