Lifting your Mood with Aromatherapy

Lifting your mood with Aromatherapy is one of the world’s oldest and most reliable relaxation and wellness techniques. It is only in the last few centuries that the powerful benefits of aromatic oils have been understood in the west. These “essential oils” have spread far around the globe, with a reputation for aiding healing and mental stress. Scholars believe that it was the ancient Egyptians who first used these elemental substances to enhance their lives. At our spas in Panama we believe in keeping this venerated tradition alive.

Essentials oils are prized for their quick-acting benefits, positively charging a room with energy and relieving stress naturally. At our Panama City, Panama spa we use only the finest naturally-sourced ingredients sourced from the stems, flowers and leaves of plants. This concentrated essence is squeezed from different plants to create a variety of scents and effects. The concentrate possesses vital beneficial properties which can help human beings with emotional, physical or spiritual stresses.

One way to enhance the natural properties of an oil is to blend it with another variety. Blending oils subtly emphasizes different characteristics and experienced aromatherapists are able to produce uplifting and vivid sensations. When gently inhaling pleasant smells, the brain reacts positively and releases chemicals such as dopamine which relax the mind and body. The production of this chemical is stimulated directly by aromatherapy sessions at our spa in Panama City.

Some clients react very well to certain oils while others may need a different combination for the desired effect. Aromatherapists have other methods to relax their clients too; therapists can massage oils directly into the skin or create a relaxing bath with the oils. All methods rely on the inhalation of these fragrant oils.

Contact Alta Vita Spa today for more information on experiencing relaxing aromatherapy sessions. We offer many different variations of aromatherapy sessions, with our experienced staff quickly choosing the optimum balance of oils for you. Exchange negative for positive with a simple combination of delicate, heated oils.

5 of the best aromatherapy oils

Lavender Oil – A common fragrance used in perfumes, Lavender oil mixes well with other oils. The floral, herbaceous scent has a reputation for lowering stress, with studies linking it to reduced levels depression. Lavender oil works by slowing down the overstimulated nervous system and generating a feeling of calm relaxation.

Citrus Oils – Generally a mixture of lemon, orange and grapefruit juices, citrus oils act as a naturally rejuvenating elixir for easing tiredness.

Rosemary Oil – Reduces fatigue and generates a feeling of wellness. Rosemary oil is used to clear the senses in some aromatherapy classes.

Cypress – Used to boost memory and increase cognitive skills. This powerful oil is highly recommended for those suffering from memory conditions or attempting to gather their concentration.

Bergamot – Highly effective for diminishing anxiety and reducing stress symptoms, this aromatic concentration can be used sparingly to great effect.

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