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An experience for both mother and child

Massage therapy during pregnancy improves the health of both parent and child, as shown by a number of recent medical studies. So why is massage so useful for pregnant women? To explain this we must understand the effects of certain chemicals on the body, produced during times of bodily or mental stress. During pregnancy many women experience a huge spike in levels of cortisol, norepinephrine and adrenaline. This may produce a stressful and depressing effect on the body and mind, decreasing the chance of a happy pregnancy and lowering the body’s defenses against pain.
Our spa in Panama City, Panama offers a wide range of treatments to expecting mothers, with many interested by the beneficial effects of massage during pregnancy. These benefits can reduce the effects of back pain, joint pain, muscle tension and stress. At Alta Vita we believe that a professional massage program can be the difference between an enjoyable pregnancy and one fraught with pain and anxiety.

Many mothers ask where on the body the massage will be focused, with some expressing concerns over massaging their abdomen. However, massage therapy for pregnant women at Alta Vita focuses on easing swelling and pain around the body’s joints. By easing specific areas such as muscles around joints, the tension is released and the stress on the body is alleviated significantly.

Releasing hormones which promote relaxation is the key to a stress-free and successful pregnancy. Massage stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin, chemicals produced in your body that promote feelings of wellbeing and act as natural painkillers. By replacing the hormones that stimulate a stress response with dopamine and serotonin, massage makes it easier to achieve a healthy and complication-free pregnancy. Some of the main causes of post-natal depression stem from the over-production of stress chemicals during pregnancy, so avoid the slump by investing in a massage program during pregnancy.

Massage therapy is a specialty for the experienced staff at Alta Vita Spa, who regularly assist pregnant guests by improving their flexibility and health. One of the most popular massages for pregnant women is the Prenatal Nurturing Massage - a gentle massage relieving stress on weight bearing body parts. Focusing on easing the swelling of the joints, the massage reduces swelling on the hands, ankles and feet. Muscles employed during childbirth are also relaxed and soothed by our therapists,  preparing the mother for an easier birth.

Our Panama spa also offers women post natal massages such as the After Baby Bliss Massage. This massage is restores the body to a state of pre-pregnancy wellness by relaxing your muscles and limbs. The reduction of stress and the feeling of relaxation created by this massage are vital for new mothers.

Contact us at Alta Vita Spa to learn more about our pre and post pregnancy massages, as well as our commitment to wellness and whole body health. Warm, knowledgeable and friendly therapists and staff will make your visit a pleasure, so come in and see us anytime you want. Expect good advice on keeping healthy outside the clinic, as well as a luxurious and relaxing experience throughout your visit.

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