Cucumber: Our Panama Spa's Top Secret Ingredient

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King of the Vegetables at our Panama Spas

We use it every day at our Panama spas. Yet what is the king of vegetables? The anti-oxidizing broccoli? The fatty avocado? You might be surprised to find out.

The king of the veggie patch is actually the humble cucumber. This green veggie is one of the most vitamin-rich vegetables in your garden. These vegetables are used for beauty treatments at our Panama spas, which can be both traditional and unorthodox. Simple to grow, cucumber is worth including with every meal.

Why? Let’s find out below…

Top Tips From Alta Vita Panama Spas

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Humble but mighty.

High Energy!

Ditch Red Bull or cappuccino! Cucumbers are a far healthier pick-me-up. Containing Vitamins B1 to B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc (deep breath), the cucumber is a serious power snack for mid-afternoon energy dips.

Reduce Cellulite

Want to reduce cellulite? Then rub a few thin slices of cucumber over an affected area. Cucumber contains phytochemicals. These are nature’s way of firming skin, removing the pucker effect of cellulite. This miraculous veggie also reduces the appearance of wrinkles, hence its popularity at our Panama spas.

Quick Nutrition

Regarded as one of the best quick meals available, cucumbers can prevent binge eating. The nutrient and vitamin boost makes it a healthy, no-fat snack at any time of day.

Reduce Stress

No time for a de-stressing massage at our spas in Panama? For a 5 minute stress killer,  cut up a cucumber then place the pieces in boiling water. Let the nutrients flow to release a soothing, steamy aroma. This has been proven to reduce stress.

Eliminate Bad Breath

Cucumbers are nature’s breath mints. To discover this unexpected effect, hold a slice to the roof of your mouth. The cucumber slice will swiftly eliminate most bad odors. This is because of the phytochemicals it contains. Don't ask us how we discovered this at our Panama spas.

Dodge Hangovers

Want to avoid a hangover? Before going to sleep, eat half a cucumber. The B vitamins and natural sugars in cucumber replenish essential nutrients drained by alcohol, replenishing your electrolytes and restoring balance to your system. Beat the next day blues with this simple cure!

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Slice it, dice it, use it as a face mask.

The benefits of cucumber go more than skin deep, so try and incorporate this fresh-tasting veggie into your diet daily. At our Panama spas, we find cucumber makes an excellent ingredient in a wide array of treatments. Its soothing, skin-kind, and aromatic properties make it ideal for spa use; so we enhance the experience of our customers by using it liberally. So stock the fridge and mix up a mask, because you really won’t get enough of this innocuous green vegetable.

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