Coconut Oil at our Panama Spas

panama spas skin therapy

High quality coconut oil is regarded as a miracle healer, delivering instant benefits for your skin. This light, non-greasy oil perfectly complements deep healing massages and relaxing skin therapy. This oil isn't as famous as you might think, so its application as a healing agent and digestive aid has often been overlooked. Our Panama spas pride themselves on using high quality, organic ingredients in all treatments.

panama spas skin therapy

Coconut Oil is an excellent addition to our spas in Panama City, Panama.

This amazing oil can be used in cooking, hair treatments, skin therapy and many more applications. Liquid at room temperature, the benefits of coconut oil therapy are surprising. There is no need to heat the liquid and it can be used straight from the jar. As coconut is an incredibly important export for Panama, the amount of oil that stays in the country is limited. We always have a supply of this useful oil, ensuring that guests to our Panama spas experience soothing therapies like Coconut oil massage.

Making Coconut Oil for our Panama Spas

Before use the oil must first be refined. The highest grade coconut oil is‘cold-pressed’. This technique separates fibrous material from the oil with heavy, unheated presses. The remainder of this pressed material (a mix of oils and fiber) is placed in a centrifuge and refined. This technique avoids heating the oil, stopping it from spoiling.  This purification process without heat produces the highest grade coconut oil for use in our Panama spas.

So what do Coconut Oil treatments do for your skin?

Coconut oil is nature's healer and possesses high concentrations of anti-microbial agents. These protect your skin from microbes and stop infections for a considerable period of time. The stable nature of the oil also helps it to preserve moisture in the skin, protecting the epidermis from cracking or drying. The high concentrations of vitamin E gift the body a huge burst of anti-oxidants, stopping the skin from wrinkling, ageing and sagging.

Not many spas in Panama City, Panama use this top-quality local product, with many relying on imported chemical spa items. Our Panama City, Panama spas use coconut oil in massage treatments, relying on the rejuvenating benefits to provide an excellent experience. Coconut oil also makes a pleasant aromatherapy choice, acting as a solid base for other aromatic oils to blend with.

Contact us via email to book a refreshing spa day, and try the magic of coconut oil therapy for yourself. We also love to meet new walk-in guests so, if you are in the area, drop in and visit us. Like us on Facebook for exclusive online offers at our serene Panama spas.

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