• 5 Benefits of Detoxing

    The process of detoxification - removing the toxins from your body - can have both mental and physical benefits. Here are our picks for the top 5 benefits of detoxing: Read more

  • Recommended Skin Care Products at Alta Vita Spa

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    Alta Vita Spa prides itself on providing customers with the finest beauty products available. Founded on principles to help our guests achieve the ultimate in health and beauty, our spa in Panama City blends therapeutic, rejuvenating treatments with only the finest skin care products. Read more

  • Coconut Oil at our Panama Spas

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    High quality coconut oil is regarded as a miracle healer, delivering instant benefits for your skin. This light, non-greasy oil perfectly complements deep healing massages and relaxing skin therapy. This oil isn't as famous as you might think, so its application as a healing agent and digestive aid has often been overlooked. Our Panama spas pride themselves on using high quality, organic ingredients in all treatments.

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  • Cucumber: Our Panama Spa's Top Secret Ingredient

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    King of the Vegetables at our Panama Spas

    We use it every day at our Panama spas. Yet what is the king of vegetables? The anti-oxidizing broccoli? The fatty avocado? You might be surprised to find out.

    The king of the veggie patch is actually the humble cucumber. This green veggie is one of the most vitamin-rich vegetables in your garden. These vegetables are used for beauty treatments at our Panama spas, which can be both traditional and unorthodox. Simple to grow, cucumber is worth including with every meal.

    Why? Let’s find out below… Read more

  • 5 Easy Beauty Tips You NEED For Smoother Skin

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    Skin care is one of the most sought-after treatments at our Panama spas. Everybody wants clearer, radiant skin. Our aim is to make sure you feel happy in the skin you're in. We are experts at giving you the pure skin you deserve, with facial scrubs, relaxing body treatments, and soothing products. Nevertheless, we urge all of our clients to use diet & exercise to protect and enhance their skin. When you apply the basics of skin health, the treatments at our Panama spas are far more effective. So what ARE these secrets? Read on to find out more. Read more