• Lifting your Mood with Aromatherapy

    Lifting your mood with Aromatherapy is one of the world’s oldest and most reliable relaxation and wellness techniques. It is only in the last few centuries that the powerful benefits of aromatic oils have been understood in the west. These “essential oils” have spread far around the globe, with a reputation for aiding healing and mental stress. Scholars believe that it was the ancient Egyptians who first used these elemental substances to enhance their lives. At our spas in Panama we believe in keeping this venerated tradition alive. Read more

  • Healthy Pregnancy and Therapeutic Treatments

    An experience for both mother and child

    Massage therapy during pregnancy improves the health of both parent and child, as shown by a number of recent medical studies. So why is massage so useful for pregnant women? To explain this we must understand the effects of certain chemicals on the body, produced during times of bodily or mental stress. During pregnancy many women experience a huge spike in levels of cortisol, norepinephrine and adrenaline. This may produce a stressful and depressing effect on the body and mind, decreasing the chance of a happy pregnancy and lowering the body’s defenses against pain. Read more

  • Natural Spray Tans for your Inner Goddess

    Alta Vita Spa is stocking up on the best products for your beauty needs. After searching high and low for the perfectly natural spray tan solution, we’ve found it!

    Our unique base of natural ingredients make up the best spray tan in Panama City. No other mixture offers the glowing and long-lasting results as our spray tan solution. And because our natural blend is plant-based, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals sinking into your skin.  Read more

  • How to control holiday weight gain

    While may people manage to lose their extra holiday pounds, preventing them is a much easier route. But somehow, holiday weight gain always seems to sneak up on us.  Traditions such as holiday dinners, parties, and gifts are cherished, but they can also be hazardous to your dress size.

    The 5 easy tactics will help you avoid holiday weight gain without missing out on the delicious side of December. As you’ll see, you don’t need to skip your favorite holiday dishes to keep your figure. All you need is awareness and moderation. Read more

  • 5 Benefits of Detoxing

    The process of detoxification - removing the toxins from your body - can have both mental and physical benefits. Here are our picks for the top 5 benefits of detoxing: Read more

  • Summer Special - Buy Two get One Free!

    Summer Tanning special

    Get ready for summer with a healthy glowing tan. Our all natural Sugar and Aloe Vera Spray Tan gives your skin a soft natural looking tan without harsh chemicals.

    Buy 2 Sugar and Aloe Vera Spray Tan sessions and receive the 3rd Free. Now until December 24th!

    Call us today or use our online booking system to get your perfect summer tan and start the season off right!



  • Gift Certificates - perfect for any occasion

    Not sure what to get that special loved one?  Need a last minute gift? Want to surprise someone special?  Then an Alta Vita Spa Gift Certificate is just what you have been looking for.

    Gift Certificats can be purchased in any amount and redeemed at any time.  You can even purchase one over the phone!  No need to take time out of your day or sit in traffic!

    Call us today to get your gift certificates and rest easy!

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  • Turn back the clock with Alta Vita’s favorite hand cream

    Alta Vita's favorite Hand Cream Fluffy Bunny

    Alta Vita's favorite hand cream helps shelter your skin from the elements.

    Living beneath the tropical sun and sweltering heat can quickly take a toll on unprotected hands, leaving them course and cracked. Read more

  • Microdermobrasion: The Benefits

    panama spas microdermabrasion

    We all want youthful, flawless skin. While surgical and laser options provide results, not everyone has the desire for such aggressive and expensive procedures. Thanks to microdermabrasion facials, you can opt for dramatic and non-invasive skin treatments in the relaxing setting of our Panama spas. Alta Vita Spa provides experienced technicians and a peaceful atmosphere, elevating your experience of enjoyable, effective skin treatment. Whether you’re looking to minimize fine lines, even skin tone, reduce scar tissue, or fight acne, microdermabrasion will help you achieve the beautiful skin you desire.  Read more

  • Recommended Skin Care Products at Alta Vita Spa

    spas in panama city therapies star fruit

    Alta Vita Spa prides itself on providing customers with the finest beauty products available. Founded on principles to help our guests achieve the ultimate in health and beauty, our spa in Panama City blends therapeutic, rejuvenating treatments with only the finest skin care products. Read more