5 Easy Beauty Tips You NEED For Smoother Skin

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Skin care is one of the most sought-after treatments at our Panama spas. Everybody wants clearer, radiant skin. Our aim is to make sure you feel happy in the skin you're in. We are experts at giving you the pure skin you deserve, with facial scrubs, relaxing body treatments, and soothing products. Nevertheless, we urge all of our clients to use diet & exercise to protect and enhance their skin. When you apply the basics of skin health, the treatments at our Panama spas are far more effective. So what ARE these secrets? Read on to find out more.

1 – Exercise 15 minutes a day.

Simple but effective. Whether you are running or at the gym, get outside and start sweating a bit. Our Panama spas all recommend a hearty daily exercise session, which clears your pores and imbues you with a vibrant glow. Exercise also tones and shapes the body, giving you a beautiful frame for your perfect skin to accentuate.

2 – Drop the soap

Soap is thoroughly useful for removing heavy layers of grimy dirt and bacteria. Yet it also scours your skin’s natural protective layer. This leaves you with dry, unprotected skin, that requires constant moisturising to prevent pain and irritation. Boost your skin's softness by avoiding soap. Remember to choose different formulations for body and facial care.

3 – Massage Your Stress Away

Stress can be unavoidable, even with an organized lifestyle. We recommend managing your stress with a relaxing massage. This increases blood flow, de-stresses the body, and heals muscular damage. The invigorating touch of the masseuses hands increases circulation, enriching the luster and healthy sheen of skin. The trained massage therapists at our Panama spas often note the positive mood of a guest, following a relaxing session on our treatment tables.

4 – Sea Water

Use salt water to re-mineralize your skin, regenerating your body’s cells and youthful aura. Sea water has healing properties that are often overlooked, and it helps enhance the beauty of many of the world’s most stunning women. Join this exclusive club, with the ultimate version of sea water – the Alta Vita Sea Water Therapy session. Blending vitamin rich waters and natural, crude cut salts, this bath mixes the scents of lavender and moisturizing oils to heal and harmonize. Book a session at one of our Panama spas today, to find out for yourself.

5 – Exfoliate

Products may make picture perfect results but they are only suitable for short term use. Repeatedly applying chemical product over dead skin causes problems such as dry skin and rashes, so make sure to exfoliate! Once your skin is exfoliated and glowing, you will be laying any makeup onto a fresh layer of skin; creating beautiful results that will last a lifetime.

At our spa in Panama City we often talk with clients about their diets, relaxation needs, and desired treatments. However, we specialize in skincare; softening, smoothing, and cleansing your skin, as well as providing a relaxing, beautiful environment for to enjoy your time with us in.

Visit our Panama spas for more information on the perfect spa day, or facial treatment. We are happy to receive walk-in visitors, but please feel free to visit our webpage and book your treatment online. Receive exclusive online deals by visiting our Facebook page or signing up for email updates. We look forward to welcoming you to Alta Vita soon for more tips and blog posts!.


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